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Data: 10/06/2009 11.12
Argomento: Genoa Cricket

Genoa Cricket 1893 v Casteller Treviso



It was an important day for Genoa Cricket, a chance to conclude the first half of the season having beaten each and every opponent. They took that chance.


The 2009 team exudes confidence and this result was never in doubt. The only loss of the day was the toss of the coin!



Casteller chose to bat and went about their business professionally but rarely showing any real threat. Genoa bowled consistently and patiently and, after 36 overs, Casteller were all out. Habib was efficient, taking 2 for 20, Nuwan was impressive with 2 for 38 but the best bowling of the day belonged to off-spinner Charitha, who took 4 wickets for just 34.


Casteller were limited to 175 runs, a score Genoa knew was easily within their reach.  In the crowd was President of the Italian Cricket Federation, Simone Gambino. He was here as ambassador for the Federation and to watch the young prodigy Madoupa.  Madoupa performed as he has all year, forming half of the partnership that generated the majority of Genoa’s runs.  What Mr. Gambino didn’t know was that the other half of that partnership was Genoa’s other young-gun, Malith, who scored 80 not-out; a fantastic display of stylish batting from the 17-year-old.


Helped out by “old-hands” Indika and Captain Nira, Genoa easily reached their objective and the game was won as soon as the 24th over.  Genoa could celebrate the mid-point of the season looking back at an impressive season so far.  Let’s hope they can exploit their potential and convert it into the trophies they deserve.                                        


Mark Ebury



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